Can I Build A Specific SVN Revision?

We use the SVN revision in our build so that it gets embedded in the application and it is easily visible from the GUI.
If we build production from a branch when HEAD=6910 then a week later we want a copy of production to a dev env this env wont have the same id as commits will have been made to trunk increasing the repo version.

I would like to specify an option to build a certain environment from the same revision that another env was built from.
Even if there are no changes on the branch I want the same revision number for sanitys sake.

This issue seems to imply that the feature is not available:

Is there a work around?
e.g. specify a build step that does it with a command line runner or an ant runner that svn updates to a specific version

Will that mess things up?
e.g. I could imagine it confusing the 'Changes included' view.

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