TeamCity NuGet server and Cleanup

I have set up TeamCity to build our projects and publish them to the TeamCity native NuGet server.

As part of setting up the server I also looked at and saw that it recomends cleaning up builds to maintain performance.

To ensure that any internal project which consumes any of these NuGet packages can be rebuilt in the future we will want the NuGet packages to remain permanently on the server.

Any advise on the following would be appreciated:
- Will doing what I am planning cause major performance issues in the future?
- Is there any cleanup rules I should be using which will maintain performance and keep the packages?
- In the long run am I better off maintaining a seperate NuGet server? eg using


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Any response for this?  I have been having nuget packages removed when they should not have been.

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In addition we are currently having big performance issues regarding a lot of published NuGet packages in the NuGet feed. As we are hosting > 30 projects for the whole company the total amount of published NuGet packages currently reaches > 1000. Maybe some of them can be removed - for sure.

Nevertheless, I am wondering why it took around 2.5h for me to receive the full list (~1200) of NuGet packages with this command:

nuget list -AllVersions -Source XXX

Aside this rarely used command we have big latency for simple (w/o -AllVersions) retrieval of the packages list.

Did anyone else stepped into this? Any ideas how to improve this (without cleaning up)? Is this a bug?

We are running TC 7.1.3.

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FYI: I created an issue for our performance problems.


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