TC detect a new changelist outside P4 workspace mapping

I have a specific problem with Team City and Perforce;

Our builds in TC are using Perforce as VCS root.
The mapping of the workspace (Client mapping) is as following:

//depot/ //team-city-agent/...
-//depot/ //team-city-agent/Testing/...

Team City detects change in the VCS only when there is a change in,
but does not detect a change in

Unfortunately we need somehow make TC to detect that there was a change also in the,
since TC triggers (after a build which does not require the Testing) another action outside the TC.

The directory is about 30GB large, so including it into workspace is not acceptable solution.

Have you any ideas how make TC detect a changelist that happens in the

thank you,
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Would removing the excluded Testing folder from the mapping in combination with checkout rules work for you? This applies if you are using server-side checkout.


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