Need help with dotCover in TeamCity 7.1.4


I have a NUnit step that also uses the built in dotCover in a build configuration.

For the sake of figuring this out I'm only using one test assembly. The tests runs as expected.

The code coverage however only reports that coverage exists in the test assembly.
I'm seeing both assemblies in the coverage report but the report says 0% coverage on the target assembly.
I've been messing around with the coverage filters a little but the result is the same
(for the assemblies being shown based on filtering of course).

Any ideas what this could be or where to start looking?

Best Regards

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Hmm, seems it's just one test assembly that dotCover does not like for some reason.
I've added more of the tests and they seem to get correctly coverage reported.

Look at the attached picture. All Math.Tests run with success but no coverage is reported on the Math assembly.


Any Ideas?

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Finally figured out what was interfering, but I can't say I understand why.

While everything else had .NET 4.5 only as target framework, this assembly
had .NET for Windows Store Apps and.NET 4.5.

This setting did not only mess with code coverage it also messed with Edit and Continue
in Visual Studio.

Workaround was to change target framework to
.NET for Windows Store Apps and .NET 4.0.3 or higer.


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