How to extract a Build Parameter from the "Finish Build Trigger" 'ed Configuration?


The scenario is as follows:

  1. Build configuration BC1 accepts a Build Parameter (called BP1) as input, when you trigger it
  2. Build configuration BC2 has a Finish Build Trigger on BC1 (so BC2 starts when BC1 completes successfully).
  3. I want BC2 to use the value of BP1, which was used in BC1 (BC2, also needs this value)

How do I reference BP1 in the BC2 configuration? (so that BC2 would use the same value from BC1 which trigerred it)
[probably something like %triggeredBy_BC1.BP1%]]

Thanks Ziv

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anyone from Jetbrains?
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hi Ziv,

i have the exact issue, did you found solution how to use %triggeredBy_BC1.BP1% ??


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