Exclude Attributes to dotCover are ignored

I have tried to specify the exclude attributes to dotCover 2.0 in TeamCity Enterprise 7.1.2. Here is how I have specified them:


I have also tried a simple:


as well as


My custom attribute is defined as follows:

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class |
                    AttributeTargets.Enum |
                    AttributeTargets.Interface |
                    AttributeTargets.Delegate |
                    AttributeTargets.Method |
    public sealed class ExcludeFromCoverageAttribute : Attribute
        private readonly string reason;

        public ExcludeFromCoverageAttribute(string reason)
            this.reason = reason;

        public ExcludeFromCoverageAttribute()
            reason = "Not required for coverage computation";

But the classes marked as follows:

    public class ABCD {...}

are still being considered for coverage. What am I missing?

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