Pushing BuildAgent over EC2


I'm trying to push a new Amazon Linux build agent.

$ sudo su
# yum update -y
# yum install puppet -y
# puppet -e "user { 'tc-agent': ensure => present, system => true, home => '/home/buildagent', provider => 'useradd', shell => '/bin/bash' }"
# "file { '/home/buildagent': owner => 'tc-agent', ensure => directory, }"
# visudo
-> edit, add lines
Defaults:ec2-user !requiretty
Defaults:tc-agent !requiretty
-> save n exit
# service sshd restart

Now, go to teamcity and try to push the build agent:

[13:59:51]: AgentPush v24266 - Install Agent on remote host
[14:00:05]: [...] Configuring the Agent's properties...
[14:00:05]: [...] /home/ec2-user/buildagent/bin
[14:00:05]: [...]  Starting the Agent under 'tc-agent' account...
[14:00:05]: [...] standard in must be a tty
[14:00:05]: [...] WARNING: The TeamCity Agent installed as standalone application and  will not start automatically on machine reboot.
[14:00:05]: [...] Cleaning temporary installation's resources...
[14:00:05]: [...] Successfully  installed build agent on 'ip-10-58-102-xxx' to  '/home/ec2-user/buildagent'

I don't get what else there is for me to do. I have also tried completely disabling requiretty with visudo.

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And then, the last line, of course:

[14:00:07]: Remote agent  installation failed: Command '[./bootstrapper.sh  https://tc.intelliplan.net "/home/ec2-user/buildagent"  89667667b3c816660ccd963e8e8c278b tc-agent tc-agent]' was executed with  error message(s): standard in must be a tty

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Sorry for the delay with replying.

Seems like "standard in must be a tty" is a key here but so far we did not get alike reports.

You can file an issue into our tracker with the full push procedure output so that we can try to reproduce that.
If you can look through the script actually executed by the procedure (noted in the logging) and figure out what is the actual reason, that would be of great help!


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