Snapshot dependencies triggered without pending changes

I'm seeing several unexpected behaviors with snapshot dependencies. I'm running TeamCity 7.1.4 (build 24331) and using Subversion 1.7 for source control.

I have defined a build chain consisting of multiple configurations created from the same template. The builds all use the same svn VCS root, which is parameterized so that each configuration can fill in the svn path elements for that specific component. The chain is configured with snapshot dependencies set to 'not run if there is suitable build' and 'run build even if depenency failed'.

My expectation is that triggering a build in the chain will cause a sequence of builds starting from the earliest point in the chain with pending changes up to the build that was triggered. When I trigger a build, everything is added to the queue as expected. However, from there:

  1. Some builds in the queue get run even though there are no pending changes. I can't find any indication anywhere as to why these builds were executed. I would expect 'do not run if there is a suitable build' to prevent this.
  2. If I manually remove a build from the queue (because I know it has no pending changes and doesn't need to build), the chain isn't built because of a failed snapshot dependency. I would expect 'run build even if dependency failed' to prevent this.

Are other folks seeing this sort of thing? I poked around the TeamCity issues database and don't see anything open that matches what I'm seeing, though it looks like similar issues have been reported in the past.


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