Where should i place build outputs


I have a build configuration that generates some output.
I'd like to have each run of this build copy its output and publish it as artifacts.

Currently, i am building all output to %checkoutDir%\BuildOutput

This is an issue, since BuildOutput is not being cleared automatically, and so on the next publish it will probably pick up last build's outputs as well.

I know i can probablyu remove the folder myself, i am just wondering whether TeamCity provides any safe cleaned up dir that i can always build stuff to?

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One Way is to create a new build project that takes its dependencies inputs as artifacts from your project and places them in %checkoutDir%\BuildOutput

Eg. MyGeneratedArtifcats =>   %checkoutDir%\BuildOutput

In the  dependencies  edit box  is an option  "Clean destination paths before downloading artifacts "

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The problem i was asking about was how to make sure MyGeneratedArtifacts will be only this current build's artifacts.


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