modificationId passing - not working as advertised?


as my previous post on how to distribute a test suite didn't generate any feedback, we're exploring our options here. One is to use the method described here

to trigger a batch of test slices. So the basic setup is this:

- build-mac-32-bit configuration, creating a Fake.exe artifact
- test-trigger configuration, using above mentioned action.html?add2Queue with the buildType set to the actual test run job + custom parameter
- test-slice config, with a custom parameter to determine what to actually do

Now this works with artifact dependencies - but only for the last change created.

Now if my understanding is correct, we should pass modificationId to pinpoint TC to that specific change. I gleaned the actual ID from REST-API changes, so far I just hard-coded it to an earlier build. I figure I can always try & search through the changes in test-trigger filtering with the VCS-commit-id or some such later.

But even with a hard-coded modificationId, I only ever get the latest build to run.

EDIT: It was my fault for passing modificatioId as build-parameter instead of directly as URL-parameter.


Thanks for your suggestions,


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