Is it possible to prompt for VCS username at runtime?

Can I override (or supply) the VCS username and password at runtime, presumably for an agent-side checkout from, in our case, Subversion? My use case is that my developers would like to run Maven release:prepare within Teamcity, but for audit purposes we typically don't allow the automated Teamcity build users to check into the trunk and branches, only the tags folders, and the Maven release:prepare process updates the trunk POM, etc.

I know how to prompt for parameters in general at runtime, I'm just wondering if it's possible to prompt for and use vcs.username and vcs.password in particular. Thanks!

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Hello Mark,

In TeamCity you can prompt for parameter before the build start. You can create Typed parameters with Display type "prompt". TeamCity will always require a review of the parameter value when clicking the Run button. 

Is it what you are looking for? If not, then please describe your use case in more detail. Thank you!


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