perforce does not detect a new changelist

we have a problem with Team City and Perforce as a VCS root.
I have a TeamCity Enterprise 7.1.2.

The problem is that sometimes Team City does not detect a new changes in perforce branch.
The checking interval of the VCS  root in TC is 180s, but the change is not detected even after 2 hours.

In the build configuration the VCS root is set to be synced on agent side.
When logging on the agent, to the corresponding workspace and running p4 sync -n, I can see
that the changes are detectable and would be synced (when ran without -n in p4 command).

The VCS root has vcsRootId=19 (got it from from URL), and in TC Server logs (teamcity-vcs.log),
I can see only messages related to this VCS root:

[2013-02-06 09:31:21,690]   INFO [21109->4221125]] -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Finish collecting changes for perforce: qaperforce:1666 {instance id=26, parent id=19} from state SingleVersionRState{4221109 at Wed Feb 06 09:31:21 GMT 2013} to state SingleVersionRState{4221125 at Wed Feb 06 09:31:21 GMT 2013}; 0 changes collected 0 changes reported, time spent: 43ms

Can you give me an advice what can be the problem, or what to investigate next?

Thank you,

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Hello Pavel,

  This is rather strange situation. What kind of changes are not detected? Is there anything special about this change?

  For more investigation we'll need detailed description of your VCS Root, checkout rules settings, debug VCS logs, and description of the non-detected change.
  It may be better to create an issue in our tracker ( and attach all this information there.

  Sorry for the trouble,

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Hi Kirril,

thank you for your reply. I will create the issue.

Regarding the "debug VCS logs", how do I get them?
I am aware about the TC->Administration->Diagnostics->Active logging preset value.
Is setting the value to "debug-vcs" the right step to get the "debug VCS logs" ?

thank you,

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Yes Pavel, I meant debug-vcs logging configuration.

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Hello Kiril,

the problem stil perists, and I was not able to get the vcs-debug logs; The logs from the time interval when the problem appeared are not in the log files,
TeamCity\logs\teamcity-vcs.log.*   Are these the right files, collected on the TC server?

I have created an Issue:


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