What am I missing about XCode runner and schemes?

I am trying to get started by compiling a MacOS project first. I took a project I had, edited the scheme so that it was shared. I then used SVN to check the shared data folder of the xcode project file in.

When I try to configure the build step however, and hit the parse button, no schemes are detected.

I selected XCode 3.x and was successful with the build. That did a check out of my source tree. So I was then able to hit the tree icon in the build step configuration, and verify that the relevant parts of the xcode project were visible to the XCode runner. But still no luck detecting the scheme.

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In case this helps any one else:

Spaces can cause problems.

This could also be relevant.

It looks like building using XCode3 runner settings (which is still actually using XCode 4) is working for me.

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Will there be any response to this? Seems like a pretty basic question.


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