Why does Agent always say:not allow to run this Configuration

I Meet a question:
Relative setting of this Configuration have been checked ,and also are right. I have 8 agents,when assigning to some agents,agent always say:not allow to run this Configuration.
But changing to other agent,this Configuration can run correctly.
Have you met this problem?

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Have anyone ever met this problem?
My English is not good,so .........%>_<%....crying....
Sincerely waiting for the method to solve this problem.

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Most probaby your build agent miss some software.

Please open the build configuration settings, and switch to Agent Requirements page.
Incompatible agents list should contain details which exactlyrequirements are unmet.

If that doesn't help, please post a screenshot of the error you see.

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Thank you for you answer.:)
I have checked the Agent,it doesn't miss any software,i think.
I have found the way to solved this problem,although i don't know the reason why:
switch to the Agent's Agent summary,and then switch to the Compatible configurations page.
Using Add configurations to add the configuration.

I guess,maybe it's because that Agent cann't search this configuraiton.when adding it to Agent  by hand,this build is going to be ok.


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