Using CMAKE plugin on remote build agent machines

Hi, I just started using TeamCity. I've tried to search for an answer to this questionm in these community pages but didn't find anything.

I set up a build configuration to use the CMAKE plugin that's available. (

I have configured build agents on  two further machines, but they can't build this build configuration as thet don't have the CMAKE plugin.

How can I add this to the build machines? If install the full server, and the CMAKE plugin, will they then be able to run the build configuration?

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Alistair,

When you installing plugin on server (by plasing it into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins) and server founds it, it will send agent's part to all agents.

After updating plugins on agent it will automatcally restart.
On agent start it checks which Build Runners is supported (later can be seen at "Build Runners" tab in agent information).

CMake runner requires that 'cmake' or 'cmake.exe' in PATH.


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