Howto Clone and rename Templates when copying projects?


I have a situation where I have to make several copies of a project containing many build configurations, which again are based on many templates.
When making a copy of the project, I find that all the new build configurations are all linked to the old templates.
Now I'm looking for a way to clone and rename the templates within the new project, so that I can change the few nessarry parameters (such as dependencies) embedded in templates to fit the new projects.

The templetes used in these configurations contains about 90% of the parameters used for the a configuration, the last 10% are in the configurations, aditionally about 5% of the template parameters (randomly distributed in the template) are overwritten by the configurations. As far as I can see, this makes it really hard work to simply detatch the template and following create a new template and reapply that template to all the new configurations.

As far as I can see, no method exists for this in the TeamCity GUI, but could I perform it by editing the XML directly?
I'm looking forward for any hints.


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