Unable to determine workspace (tf checkout)


I'm having an issue when I try to check out files using tf.exe from NAnt script through TeamCity.
I did my search on this website, but I can't seem to resolve the problem.

So all I want to do is just check out some files, modify them and check them into TFS from NAnt. When I run the NAnt script from the command line, it works fine, but when I try to run it through TeamCity, I get the following error.

NAnt output
[15:51:59][NAnt output] Version Change Build:
[15:51:59][NAnt output]
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] Collection: irv-edctfs-901\IrvineDev
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] Workspace Owner Computer Comment
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] -------------------------------------- ----- --------------- ------------------
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] IRV-BLDC510-913 tfs IRV-BLDC510-913
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] TeamCity-A2-b4es1joeagt32qgyi6i1wox9l3 tfs IRV-BLDC510-913 TeamCity checkout
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] TeamCity-A2-vri4f9nnwnb425l7qgtrld0yt3 tfs IRV-BLDC510-913 TeamCity checkout
[15:51:59][NAnt output]
[15:51:59][NAnt output] Checkout Files:
[15:51:59][NAnt output]
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [echo] C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\3674245b06de1b30
[15:51:59][NAnt output] [exec] Unable to determine the workspace. You may be able to correct this by running 'tf workspaces /collection:TeamProjectCollectionUrl'.

My VCS settings are as following.

VCS checkout mode: Automatically on agent (if supported by VCS roots)
Checkout directory: Auto (Recommended)

What do I do to resolve this issue?

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