TC8 EAP 27284 Ran builds that didn't match the branch specification

I've just installed TC8 EAP, build 27284

Before the upgrade, I had a project with several different build configurations, all using different branch specifications on a Git repository. Curiously, the configurations all had 'Pending' builds that seemed to match the branch specification but never triggered a build (using simple VCS trigger with no rules).

After the upgrade, TC8 immediately spawned a build on one of the projects, on the master branch; but the branch specification for that build does not include the master branch. I'm using GitFlow and the branch specification includes:
Default branch: empty (no value)

The above configurations are passed in using parameters in both cases.
This may have been a 'hangover' from TC7.2, but TC8 did run a build that it shouldn't have run. As it happened, the build failed because of

Any ideas why this rogue build ran?

--Tim Long

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