TeamCity 7.1.5 stopped build automatically


I have a TeamCity 7.1.5 instance with 6 projects and 11 build configurations. I did not checked it for a quite long time ago, because this server builds my private projects and I didn't have time for them. Before this gap, TC built projects after every git push, but now it does not happen.  The last successful auto-triggered build is happened at 2012 Nov 25.

All build configuration has a VCS Trigger, and these triggers are active, not disabled.

This TC server has 3 build agent, itself, one Windows and one Linux agent. If I click on 'Run' button, build happens as normal, so build agents are OK and healty.

My projects are basically Ruby projects, I use RVM and Bundler to build them. But again, no problem in the build process, if I trigger it manually, it works as expected.

I am relative new in TeamCity, so please tell me what information you need to help.

TeamCity version: TeamCity Professional 7.1.5 (build 24400)
Java version: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_31-b05)

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Hi Gabor

maybe you are commiting to a different branch than before? teamcity only builds automatically on the main branch (as defined in the VCS root). This is fixed in the latest version, as far as i know.

ziv shapira

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Dear Ziv,

I set up the monitored branch (develop) explicite in the VCS Root (as Default Branch). And I always commit (in git: push) to this branch, and before TC built this branch without any problem. Btw, this is the expected behavior (what I expect from TC): monitor only the 'develop' branch, and ignore any other changes.

This worked correctly before, not now. And I do not have any point where can I search the root of the problem.

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is there anyting written in the server log after a push to git? it might state why the server is unable to trigger the build.


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