Recommendation on gradle multi-module project layout


I'd like to setup a project on my TeamCity server that contains multiple modules and is locaed on github (only one project.git for the whole project). The basic setup for the whole project as a single build step suceeded, nevertheless I am not sure if this is the best solution for a multi module project or if it would be better to divide the diffent modules into separate build steps.

Thus I am asking for your hints and recommendations regarding the setup of a multi module project in Teamcity. Would you either stick with a single build step for the project as a wohle or would you rather split the whole thing up?

Basically my project looks like follows:

|--> build.gradle
|--> extApis
|-----> build.gradle
|--> core
|-----> build.gradle
|---> web
|-----> build.gradle

After all is packed up and deployed, this project offers a REST interface to query certain things, which is later on use by a different project that adds a shiny web interface. In general the whole thing can be seen as a single "product" from a black box view, nevetheless I'd maybe like to install the different module jar files to an Artifactory some day in the future.

Thanks in advance for any hints/opinions/recommendations on this topic.


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