Including Third-Party Reports in the Build Results

Hello,I have trouble including generated documentation in TeamCity.I read it does not work - as expexted.1. Is there a log file where I can find information why inclusion did not work?2. My guess: The documentation is generated with Sphinx and bundled in an artifact 'documenation_project_b<>.zip'.    (This artifact is created via TeamCity - setting 'Artifact paths' under 'General Settings'.)    'Start page' contains this value: 'documentation_project_*.zip!/_build/html/index.html'    The TeamCity documentation does not say it: Does the parameter 'Start page' support wildcards?     Or do I have to use a constant artifact name?Regards,Robert
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I found seems wildcards are not supported - yet...BTW: I tested report integration with a fixed artifact archive name - this does work.So '!/_build/html/index.html' works.

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