Missing JPA inspections


I'm currently in the process of evaluating Teamcity as a possible replacement for Jenkins in our project. I'm testing Teamcity 7.1.5 and for now everything works very well for us.

Our projects are Java and Maven2 based. I've created many build configurations with maven build steps and I'm very happy with the results so far.

But there's one thing I miss:

I've created a build step for running Java Inspections from within Teamcity. This works very well, but in the results I'm missing the JPA inspections. We're using Hibernate ORM in our projects and I'm looking forward to let Teamcity check all HQL queries.

We're using Intellij IDEA Ultimate, so in IDEA I can run inspection JPA-Issues -> Query language checks to check all HQL queries. In order to get this working from within IDEA I have to enable the hibernate facet. So I think the problem is that Teamcity is unaware of the Hibernate Facet, thus ignoring the JPA-Issue inspections.

In Teamcity I have configured the build step to Project File Type 'Maven' (instead Intellij IDEA) because we don't have commited the .idea / .iml files to VCS.

How can I get this working? Does it work with Project File Type 'Intellij IDEA'?

Thanks in advance


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