Customizing the RSpec formatter?

At my shop, we've got a few extra things that we track out of our RSpec runs, specifically tests that are to be ignored because of bugs or because the tests where written out ahead of where the features where implemented. We'd still like to have these tests run, but we don't want their results messing up our normal run results for passed and failed bugs.

We'd also like to capture the output of these runs with our own custom formatter in addition to the results generated for TeamCity. I've already got the formatter we want working from the command line, but the next question is getting it integrated with TeamCity without stopping TeamCity from doing its own reporting.

I tried to crack open the RSpec formatter in the TeamCity installer, but it requires some additional TeamCity support ruby files that I'm not sure where to locate, so I'm having a hard time getting it to run on its own so I can start cracking into it. Given that it is ~700 lines long, I want to be able to set pry breakpoints and start inspecting things in the areas I'm interested in, rather than trying to learn the guts of the entire file.

Any general adivce for customizing what is produced by the rspec formatter? Anyone know how to get the formatter running stand-alone with rspec, where to find the files required for that?

Thanks folks! If I'm able to get this done, I'll be sure to do a write up of my experiences to help the next person to have to tackle this, as I just could not find anything to help with it on google :)

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