is not working in Teamcity 7.x version

The paramter in build step of build  configuration is not working in teamcity 7.x version which works in  version 6. According to my observation in 7.x version the temparary  files that are created during build  under  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp will be cleared/deleted after build  completes where temporary files are not cleared in version 6 during  build.Hence in version 7.x the changed file list which will be created  during build will be deleted at the end of build comepletes.

My scenaio :-

I  have two build configurations where in 'A' build configuration if any  changes happens then 'B' build configuration must be added to build  queue. But here B build configuration contains batch files as which  takes input of the changed files of build configuration 'A'. To achieve   this i am adding  A svn path in B VCS checkout rule.

Is there any way that the temp folders are not cleared in 7.x version? or how to achieve my scenaio?

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