VisualSVN problem (svn:externals)

(sorry for my English)
I have a problem... Look at screenshot. There is only 1762 revision. But TC server tries to get log for revisions 1763...1764. Why? Result = server cannot get sources from VisualSVN server... =(
May be there is some cached info (some time ago this file - FixedAllocator - was a part of main repository,but now it live in separate repository and linked to main repo via svn:externals)?
The root of problem is 'svn:externals' (repository without them works).

TortoiseSVN works fine. No any errors.
P.S. See SVN debug log in attachment.


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It looks like an issue described in TW-23543.
Please run svn info command and ensure that your repositories have different UUIDs.

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OK. I'll try 'svn info' at Monday.
P.S. Small fix: attachment uploaded (see above).


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