Recommended changes to existing projects with v8.0?

With the introduction of Project Hierachies in v8.0 all my existing projects are now subprojects of <Root project>.

I accept that I should probably be able to just "do nothing", but:

  1. it looks untidy, and
  2. I'm not sure if my templates are still shared across projects (Are they?)

I'd like to rearrange my projects to look like this:

<Root project>


    • ProductA
    • ProductB
    • ProductC


    • Library1
    • Library2
    • Library3

This way, I'm assuming that if my templates are stored at the Products level, they can be shared among all the products (and similarly for Libraries).

How do I restructure my projects to reach this stage? Is it just a matter of using Move Project to shift projects under the appropriate parent?

Has anyone done this, and did you encounter any dramas?

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