TeamCity issue getting latest from SVN

I think there's bug in their get latest process. I've spent inordinate amount of time creating and recreating build configurations to get around a silly problem of my build ironically getting stuck at the very first step of a typical TeamCity (7.1.3) build (logged message is 'Checking for changes' ) and staying stuck until its canceled an hour or so later. Its a standard build configuration for us and something we've been doing without any issue past few months. I'm actually creating new configuration based on previous ones geared towards a new project. And I have been able to get it to work sometimes. So its very unstable. TeamCity is in a win server 2008 R2 machine and My source control system is svn. I tested the connection and its fine. I restarted both services. Rebooted the machine. I have some builds running in Jenkins that pulls from the svn server and they don't have any issues getting latest. That tells me svn end of it should be fine. There's something seriously wrong here I think and I'm afraid won't be able to dig out of this since its a proprietary software and we have been using the evaluation version. Good thing we found out about this early on in a project before our build gets more complicated. I'm very disappointed that a product with a lot of cool bells and whistle can't gurantee consistent download of source code from the repo which is the most fundamental function of a build system and you'd think they'd nail that before anything. You'd do better sticking with something like Jenkins.

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