SVN VCS with Parameter created TeamCity Branches

I thought there is no support for branching with SVN Roots?

I have a build chain and with an template build, which works just fine with the default VCS-Settings! I added a build.parameter to my VCS root which I can change, so that I am able to switch the branch for every build-run. But now I need a way to "inherit" or delegate my build.parameter to the automatically triggered (chained) build configuration? Is that somehow possible (maybe with an system.parameter)?

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Hi Wolfgang

It's not directly supported yet, please vote for feature request TW-13493.

A recommended approach is create separate projects for each branch. Then that build parameter can be specified on a project level. New projects can be created by copying previous ones.
Now in version 8.0 we have project hierachrchy, so all these configurations can be organized in a tree.

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I voted for this feature!

As there is no other possibility I will stick to the separate Projects Idea :)


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