VCS Trigger Rules appear to be ignored

Hello All

I have a set of four build configurations which share the same VCS Root.  The VCS is GIT.

One of the build configurations has the following trigger rules set:


The intention is that the build will happen if there is a commit under the calypso-custom folder, but that commits under other top-level folders will not kick off this particular build configuration,

I observe that this build configuration goes into Pending state and then a build commences, even when the only commit was to a location in the /calypso-env folder (i.e. should have been excluded from triggering the build).

Can anyone see what is wrong with my rule configuration?

Thanks, Robin.

TeamCityEnterprise 8.0.1 (build 27435)
Windows 2008
GIT (using shared filesystem and not a GIT repository daemon)

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