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We have a build step in TeamCity which is a command line script which loops over a list of 14 files (or space-separated build parameter if specified), and runs three java commands: one main and two JUnit tests.  Each instance of the loop is run simultaneously, that is, 14 java commands at once.  We'd prefer to use the IntelliJ IDEA runner, but we don't know how to loop over it.  While we could use a cron job to trigger the build configuration containing the build step (it has a scheduled trigger), and the cron job could loop and trigger the build configuration 14 times, but then 13 of them would end up in the queue and they would not run simultaneously.  We could change main and the JUnit tests to perform the loop, but then I wouldn't know how to separate the text output of each iteration of the loop.

Is it possible to do all of these at once:
a) loop over a build step
b) run build steps concurrently on the same agent
c) separate the text output of each iteration of the loop


EDIT: I also have no idea how to pass TeamCity Build Parameters to an Intellij IDEA Run Configuration.

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it's up to build tool and its test runners to perform parallel test execution.

You can use Maven or Gradle for this task.


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