schedule trigger never firing

I've got a schedule trigger that never seems to fire:

Daily at 22:00 (Server Time Zone - EST Australia/Sydney), next scheduled time: 14 Jul 13 22:00 UTC+10 (Server Time Zone)
Triggers only if there are pending changes.
Accepts pending changes from branches matched by filter:

I want it to fire twice at 10pm daily, once for each branch, but only if there are pending changes in that branch.

I also have an artifact dependency:

skedgo-java ::   Compile
(Build from the same chain)

which requires a snapshot dependency:

skedgo-java ::   Compile
Do not run new build if there is a suitable one
Only use successful builds from suitable ones

I don't believe there's an issue with the dependencies as I can run the build configuration manually.

What have I done wrong?

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Hi Jayen

Which TeamCity version do you use?
We started to support VCS branches in build triggers in version 8.0.


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