Distributed Incremental Builds with Gradle

Does TeamCity support distributed incremental builds with Gradle? (i.e. automatically compute a build chain for an incremental gradle build, distributing builds across multiple build agents any time the dependency graph allows for it.)

If not, can you please recommend a solution or approach to easily achieving this.

P.S.: We are currently running TeamCity 7.1.4 and very willing to upgrade if needed.

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Unfortunately, TeamCity does not support distributing single build to multiple agents and merging the results.

As an alternative, you can use TeamCity Incremental building for Gradle.

When this option is enabled, TeamCity will calculate affected Gradle projects based on modified files information and run :buildDependents for this projects, significatly reducing the build time. Note that this option does not rely on Gradle's up-to-date checks and does not depend on working copy state on TeamCity agent.


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