Simple Dependency Question

I am sure this has been answered before, if so I apologize, I did look at the documentation and the forum.
If I have main.exe dependent upon lib.dll, I think I understand how to setup a snapshot & an artifact dependency to ensure that lib.dll is built before main.exe using the same sources, and the build of main references the artifact of the the lib.dll build.
My question is how can I trigger main.exe to build, when a VCS trigger results from changes to lib.dll sources. I know I could set up an additional VCS trigger for the main.exe configuration that watches the sources for lib.dll sources, but this seems clumsy.
In short I would like changes to lib.dll trigger a build of main.exe.
What are the best practices, for this common situation?

Thank you.

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In the main.exe project
Set a build trigger to  trigger on a successesful build of the lib project


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