Maven Snapshot Trigger results in a build per-agent

I'm having the same problem as the perosn in the this thread (which he closed before it was ever answered). I have all my Maven builds configured with a Maven Snapshot Trigger, but when one of the builds upstream of them pushes a new artifact, the dependent build is started once per agent known to TeamCity. I assume this is because each agent is noticing the new artifact. Is this expected? Surely not. Thanks!



Please enable debug logging (debug-all profile) on server (see this instruction) and publish an update to artifacts repository. After that, please attach resulting teamcity-server.log file here.


Here the logs generated after Project A publishes artifacts which two of our three agents notice and spin up two separate builds for Project B, which uses Project A's published artifact (which is a snapshot). We're running 7.1.5 by the way.


Thank you very much for the logs. Would you mind also posting relevant part of teamcity-server.log. You can attach it as zip file here. It may contain valuable details on why Maven Snapshot dependency trigger queued same configuration twice per one snapshot dependency update.

If teamcity-server.log contains sensitive information, you can send it to teamcity-feedback at . Please, refer to this tread in subject.


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