TeamCity can't find parent pom message under 'Maven' tab


TeamCity version: 7.1.6

Under maven tab I've got following message:

"An error occurred during collecting Maven project information: Cannot find parent: com.yyy:common for project: for project"

Repositories are not defined in project's pom. They defined in parent pom.
If I copying specified repositories from parent pom to child pom error disappears.

In TeamCity configuration I've got reference to settings.xml.
There is a profile "repositories" and inside this profile the same repositories defined.
Also 'repositories' profile in defined as active profile.

So my assumption is that TeamCity should read repositories info from settings.xml.
But looks like it's not happening

Can you please advise what I'm missing here?

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Your assumptions are correct. Please, enable server debug logs, force re-read maven information on Maven tab and attach resulting teamcity-server.log file here.


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