Git Integration Issue

Just downloaded TeamCity and I have to absolutely love it!

I am having one issue however. We have a server (team of 3 guys) that hosts our GIT repository. I setup TeamCity on the same server and am attempting to configure TeamCity to clone the repo.

The path I have in the fetch URL (changed the url to make it more readable). I verified the URL several times and its good.

Fetch URL: file:///path/to/repo/.git

The GIT repo is on a linux server with tight user access controls. When I configure the GIT VCS to use password authentication it reconfigures the clone url to


The error when I perform a test connection:

"Test connection failed in Project :: Project. Cannot access repository file://username/path/to/repo/.git"

Is this normal? The directory doesn't exist because there is no /username directory and it complains. Am I missing something?

Much appreciated


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This doesn't answer your question directly, but I'd strongly recommend you have a look at Atlassian Stash (git behind the firewall). It'll only cost you $10 for up to 10 users and it will make your life a lot simpler. I have it working very nicely with TeamCity.


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