MSBuild step spurning up devenv.exe


I'm trying to use the MSBuild instead of Visual Studio 2010 as my build step. However teamcity still seems to start up a devenv.exe instance when running the build. I would have thought it should only run the msbuild.exe and not start up a Visual Studio instance. We are using v7.1.5.

Is this a known issue or a desired behaviour?


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Actually it's not the msbuild step that is causing this. The first step in my build is a powershell script that just updates the assemblyinfo files. That seems to be starting up a devenv instance. However the script does not do anything with msbuild/devenv internally. Very strange behaviour though!

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This got resolved!!! Just change the "Opens with" for the .cs files to Notepad from Visual Studio. That fixed the problem and devenv.exe never shows up anymore.
Hope this might help someone.


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