Possible to start a dependent project before the current project has completely finished?


We've got a build process that we're currently breaking apart from a serial series-of-steps all run on one machine to something a bit more multi-machine capable.  We're aiming to shorten end-to-end time at the expense of more agents.

My question is: Is it possible to gather and publish TeamCity artifacts and trigger downstream projects in the middle of a project, as opposed to the end?

The way we could accomplish this without this ability given the current state of our build system is to split one project into three, where two of them are set to "Run on the same Agent" and have the same working directory...  Not the worst thing in the world (not even close), but it does cause our build graph to grow by one more than striiiiictly necessary.

If we publish mid-project to something like Artifactory and use an Artifactory-trigger, that dependency wouldn't show in a dependency graph because there's no Snapshot or Artifact Dependency declared, correct?  We need to be able to kick off one project and programmatically track the real-time stati(-i?) of all of the sub-projects it depends upon...  My understanding is that using an Artifactory-trigger would prevent that.

Thank you very much!

Jason Griffith

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Hi Jason,

Currently it's not possible to trigger artifact dependent build while another build is running. We have a related request in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-16701, please describe your use case in comments, vote for the request and see the suggested workaround.


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