How many agents can TeamCity handle?


We're considering using TeamCity to manage our deployments.

One of the concerns the team has is what limit there may be to how many agents TeamCity can handle (and remain performant). We would end up with over 5000 agents if we install an agent on each host that's running applications across our multiple data centers. I doubt it has been tested at this scale but thought I'd ask what limits, if any, people have ran into in this area.

Thanks for any input.


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We do not have extensive data on the agents number limitations. This depends much on the neture of the builds that are runing (i.e. build log size + number of tests + test output). The server load is also generated by the other clients (related is number of users using web UI, number of IDE plugins, etc.)
I'd say that TeamCity should handle 200 agents OK on a due server hardware. You may also browse through our notes on estimating server hardware.

We do have plans to test TeamCity performance limits considering agent number increase. Also, we are ready to look into any performance issues that you might encounter during large-scale agents deployment.

Anyway, if you encounter any issues or just have feedback about TeamCity funcitoning, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dear Jeff,

did you end up using TeamCity with such a high number of agents? What's your experience and recommendations? Is it even possible?

I am currently planning a new SW project and would ideally need to run hundreds of agents. Leaving the licensing costs aside, I'm curious how would TeamCity cope with that.



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