ldap login, first time user creation in tc db and 'my setting & tools - general page'

If you configure teamcity to use ldap auth, the first time the user logs in, he is prompted with the 'My settings & tools - general' page, where he can update his settings.

Now the problem is: name and email address shows as empty. However, they are successfully synced from ldap properties (as I configured them in ldap.properties). If the user clicks on hist name on the top right link (next to the search edit box), then the name and email are correctly filled.
This will confuse our developers the first time they log in as they will think they need to specify something in the empty edit boxes.

It would be also OK if the first page they see after logging in was the main overview page, not their personal settings page, because next time they click on their settings, the name and mail address will get correctly filled I suppose. Is this configurable somewhere what should be the first page a user encounters upon first login?

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