Stress/full-load simulation test approach in teamcity

Hi, teamcity expects,

I developed a server plugin to read configuration from a property file into a few systems parameters. Those parameters are referred in the individual projects.  When this plugin was uploaded into a production TC server with 200+ apps, opening a UI page became extremely slow (10 - 20 seconds).

After removing the plugin, everything became normal.

(1) How to create a test env to do such  stress test with plugin? I am not able to create a test env with 200+ apps, is there any other smart way to simulate such env?

(2) What is the possible reasons that a plugin could slow down openning UI page? From my debugging, I found that getParametersAvailableOnAgent() was called wheneven a page is openned. Is the func a possible problem?  I created only server plugin for such requirement. if I can collect heapdump/threadDump, what fields will I need to pay attension?


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Hi, Teamcity expert, could anyone shed some light on this questuion? Thanks,


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