Vmware Cloud Plugin fails to launch more than one VM on different machines


We have setup the Vmware Cloud plugin as a test to see how robust it is.  While in general, the plugin works great, we are having certain issues launching more than one VM.  This is not the case of launching more than one VM on one machine which can easily be solved with "maxinstance" variable on the command line, but rather more than one machine.

Here's the scenario.

Project Test has two build configurations -  BC1 and BC2

We have setup two build machines BM1 and BM2  with the vmware cloud installed.  Both machines have some images within them.  Mainly, they both have a VM that can run both BC1 and BC2 for Project Test.

Now, when we launch two builds in BC2 (same or different branch), both BM1 and BM2 show that the VM is launched, both run, this is perfect.

On the other hand:  When we launch in a build in BC1 (for example).  Teamcity launches the VM on BM1.  If we queue another build in BC2, teamcity does not launch the VM on BM2 (unline the case above where when two builds were queued in BC2, both machines ran fine).  It seems Teamcity is waiting for the build to finish on BM1 and does not even consider the fact that there's another compatible agent residing on another machine.   If I was to start the agent manually (from Teamcity, click start) ... the build runs fine!

Any assistance on understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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