Requirements for building VS solution builds in TeamCity

Hi all!

This feels like a really basic question, but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer, so I hope you can help me out.

We are setting up a new TeamCity installation on a fresh server, and need to know what we are required to install on the server to be able to build Visual Studio Solutions. We have seen many comments indicating that an actual Visual Studio installation is necessary, and others indicating that it might not be.

We have installed .NET Framework, and tried installing Windows SDK, and we are still having issues finding the correct system dlls.

Any hints? Do we really have to install Visual Studio?


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Hi Kjersti,

It really depends on what your solutions depend on. Most of our solutions require only a .NET Framework install, but web projects require VS install. The moment you have a single solution that requires VS, you have to install VS on all agent machines if you want them to be able to build that solution.

I noticed that you say "server", but the building actually happens on the machine that host the agent. It can be the same machine, but make sure your agent has whatever you need to build.

I suppose you need to identify where the dlls are coming from before you have a full answer to your question. I would also pay attention to the version of .NET you are installing and the version specified in each VS project (hopefully you use a single version).

Hope this helps,


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