Audit of Schedule Trigger Builds

Our installation of TeamCity has many projects and builds, some that run off of schedule or commit triggers, many that are triggered by other jobs, some that run off of personal queue submits. We have a highly dynamic environment with jobs being suspended and schedules changed frequently.

How can I see an audit log of all jobs that have been started from triggers in a certain time period? It's easy to see an audit of jobs submitted by one specific user, I want to see a log of jobs that the system has triggered itself.

I'm most interested in seeing an answer for TC version 7.0 but if this is only available in TC 8.0 I'd like to know about that as well.

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Hi Alexis,

you are right, audit page is just to track users activities but i'm affraid there is not availlable single view page you ask.
There are log files for TC server and agents but with no filterring options.
For a specific build you can also view build history or change log, there are user & non-user related activities...




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