Agent side checkout leads to a repository which only contains master

We have an issue with new build configurations targeting GIT as VCS.

We use feature branches in our build configurations, that means the default branch is 'master' and the branch spec contains '+:refs/heads/*'.
When we configure agent side checkout (we need a full git repository during the build on the agent), we have the issue that even if the branch 'develop' is built, the repository on the agent only contains the branch 'master' but with the content of 'develop'.

The build log always contains following line

Checking out branch refs/heads/master ...

Even if another branch is built. When we build 'develop', the log contains the same line but in real it is checking out 'develop' into 'master'

This happens now for every new build configuration. We have many older configurations which behave as expected. I tried to find out what could be the reason behind this, but I have no real clue. The logs and build parameters look identical.
Even if we copy an old and working configuration into the new projects, it does not work as expected.

We use TeamCity 8.0

Any ideas?

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Does anyone have an idea?

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We've just updated to 8.0.3 today which apparently fixed the issue. I've already checked the changelogs, but I haven't found some related change.


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