Test history across several projects

Hi guys,

with the new TC 8, we would like to move our build configurations into the tree structure, which is a cool feature btw. Unfortunately, it has one drawback for us that I will try to describe here...
In our company, we're currently having a few projects with hundreds of build types in it like this:

Project A -> Build type A1 ... running Test T
                  Build type A2 ... running Test T
Project B -> Build type B1
                  Build Type B2

And we would like to make it like this:
Project -> Project A -> Build type A1 ... running Test T
                                  Build type B1
               Project B -> Build type A2 ... running Test T
                                  Build type B2

It's a logical step because build types A1 and B1 have the same vcs root but each one does something a bit different. So it is great we can group it like this in TC8 but we found out that by this change we will loose test history, across project A and B for Test T, that we've been using to detect tests that fail intermittently (e.g. Test T) across all build types under Project A in previous version.
I guess the only solution for now is to enhance TC with a custom plugin, that would gather test results across several projects, right? Or do you plan to include such functionality in one of your future releases?



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Hi Jan,

You've opened up two questions, if I got you right:
1. Will a test histrory be preserved after the build configuration move?
Yes, it will. Internally the test runs are associated with build configurations, so even after a move you'll be able to see previous runs of a test in a new project.
There is a little usability problem: it will look like the test always run in a new project, but that will go away after some time, when previous test runs will be cleaned up.
2. Is it possible to view the test history across several projects?
To some extent, namely it is possible to view the test history for a common parent, which contains the runs in all subprojects.
The trick is to change the URL of the test history page, so it references the parent ID.
E.g. if the URL for the child is http://server/project.html?projectId=child&tab=testDetails&testNameId=1532271441936557543 you can change it to http://server/project.html?projectId=parent&tab=testDetails&testNameId=1532271441936557543
In particular you can set the id=_Root to view the test runs all over the server.
It's not very convenient that the link is sometimes not present in web UI, I think we will add it. But it's safe to refactor your hierarchy.


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Thanks a lot Maxim for your answer!
Yes, it would be nice to have such link in the UI but that's not that big deal when we can get the test results by modifying the URL.

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FYI, the issue is now resolved in 8.0.4.


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Excellent, thanks a lot!


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