Anybody using TC8 on Windows Server 2012?


I have a TC8 sever running fine on a spare PC on our network and want to move it to one of our servers but I'm having trouble getting it to run on a Windows Server 2012 server. I think it is a configuration/permissions issue but thought I ought to check that others are using Windows Server 2012.

TeamCity (latest) installs fine, and I can see the sever from the host using localhost. But I cannot see it from any other PC on the network. Locally I can see it on localhost:8080 but remotely I cannot see it on \\SERVERNAEM:8080. There is another web server on the server (port 80) and that works fine.

Feedback appreciated.

Rob Smyth

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hi did you get any resolution for this ticket i am also facing same problem. :(

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Hello Nishant,

TeamCity 8 version should work on Win Server 2012. Could you please describe your setup in more details? Do you have firewall or proxy server configured?


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