$Data folder splitting

According to the documentation, in order to increase teamcity performance, it's suggested to move the $DATA directory onto a separate physical disk. My question is: can we split the $DATA directory into smaller entities (artifacts, caches, messages) and have each on a separate disk? I could only find how to define the main $DATA variable.

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Lets look at this scenario. Teamcity is installed on a linux server with 5 disks

/dev/sda1 is where teamcity is installed
/dev/sda2 is where the TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH is pointing to
/dev/sda3 unsuable
/dev/sda4 unsuable
/dev/sda5 unsuable

sda2 is currently the $Data directory for teamcity.

        \ system
                     \  artifacts
                     \  caches
                     \  changes
                     \  messages
                     \  pluginData

My thoughts are to somehow have Data\System\Artifacts mounted on sda3 | 4 | 5. The same thing can be done with Data\System\caches and Data\System\messages.

Is there any way to do this via the teamcity configuration?
Is my only alternative to create a soft link at the OS level?

More importantly, will splitting those directories have any performance boost for my teamcity installation?



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