A user had his activity for the past week rolled back. HOW?

This is quite possibly one of the strangest bugs I've ever come across with Teamcity.

One of our users has reported that the tasks he created over the past week have disappeared. He also reports that tasks he has archived and deleted have been resurrected. It's almost as though the work he's done for the last 9 days has been completely rolled back. The only evidence I've collected so far is that the audit tool believes the last time he did anything in TeamCity was on the 10th of September. The activity log in server diagnostics shows his activity creating and deleting tasks in the past week. However, searching for the tasks he created returns no results and they definitely aren't in the Project he created them in. Meanwhile, the resurrected tasks show up with no history of building anything.

The strangest part of all this is that I cannot find any evidence of the server or database going through a rollback. Even if they had, this problem would be affecting more than 1 user (we have 100+ users on TeamCity.) And as far as I know, there is literally no way to roll back JUST the activity of 1 user in TeamCity.

Can anyone think of any other reasons this may have occurred? Possibly some way to fix it? Any other places I should be looking for evidence?

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This is indeed strange. What version of TeamCity do you use?


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