TeamCity 8 and Android builds


I'm using TeamCity to create iOS and Android builds. The XCode Runner works perfectly (After adding a build step for xcrun to actually create the .ipa)
The IntelliJ Idea runner for Android however does not seem to create a .apk

If I add a Android.apk to the IntelliJ artifacts and add Android.apk to the TeamCity IntelliJ Idea runner in the Artifacts section, it results in the following on the output

Unknown org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.artifacts.ArtifactBuildTargetType@b6c205d2 target id: Android.apk

Note that IntellJ itself when run creates the apk without any problems

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We already have a feature request for creating the .ipa files for Xcode Runner: TW-24488, feel free to vote for it.

As to Android project, could you please provide me your IntelliJ IDEA project files (at least .idea folder) and IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner settings from TeamCity?


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